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November 11, 2012
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Quotes #5 by Alpner Quotes #5 by Alpner
Quotes #5 | "What does a 3ft wall and 9/11 have in common? Americans can’t get over it"

After a couple "off" weeks I'm back with a new Quotes. I got an order from a friend for more then a hundred new stickers with funny quotes on it. I changed the background, font and size from previous design. Since I got many complains how "this sh*t doesn't belong here on DA" I probably won't upload all of them, but I will post a link where you can see them...

New collection:
DA: [link]
Facebook: [link]

The old "finished" collection
DA: [link]
Facebook: [link]

About the quotes:
1.) I don't own any of the quotes in my collection (unless it's stated otherwise);
2.) Credit is given if the ORIGINAL author of the quote is known;
3.) Even if they are racist, sexist, etc. there is no offense intended; They are made strictly with entertaining purposes;
4.) I don't own any (copyrights), so you can use them however you want them;
5.) Possibly there are some grammar mistakes and it would be much appreciated, if you notice them, to let me know, so I can fix them asap;
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Hercolanium Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sadly true...:o (Eek) 
LieutenantMatt Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist
Fuck you. Fuck you so much
apexmegalodon Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014
yantzeeBTC Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
pepper131361 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
who really is the terrorist after all. 
thaat is the question..
JustAnotherUser13 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013
"English should be the national language. English is the language of the land."
"Excuse me, but osio Sara dawado"
"What the hell was that?"
pepper131361 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
CuttingAcidity Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
Well, the new generations are younger than 9/11, and, if it isn't hammered into them in the schooling system, this event will be largely accepted.
Where I come from, terrorist attacks are not NORMAL (sorry for caps lock, but I can't do italics, the politer means of emphasis), but they happen at least once a year. 26/11 is the most REMEMBERED, but we do get a lot. 
Japan was a victim of nuclear warfare, and the effects of radiation STILL haven't dissipated, leaving many children descended from survivors crippled or disabled in some way. 
Lets not even TRY to talk about Afghanistan. My seventh grade teacher told us that before she started teaching, she did private tutoring, and she taught a kid from Afghanistan. Around that time, there was a major bombing, and everyone was rather frightened- except the kid, who was used to it from back home (this is what she told me, do not take all this as facts).
I guess I'm just saying that the US should be thankful that 9/11 is the only BIG THING, and focus more on keeping kids from shooting each other at school.
That is my opinion, you are welcome to disagree; I am only 13 years old, so all the facts are not known to me.
JustAnotherUser13 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013
try < i > and < / i > to cancel it (without spaces)
like this

And I agree. I'm 18 and sick of people talking about 9/11 and Afghan.
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